Séduire Nails

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Our Products

Séduire Nails in Portland, Oregon, exclusively uses Keyano Aromatics and Voesh for spa pedicures and manicures. With these natural, high-quality products, every massage session will surely invigorate your senses.

Keyano Spa Collection

Made with high-quality, natural ingredients, Keyano Aromatics is devoted to making massage supplies that delight the senses and leave your clients craving more. All Keyano Aromatic products are environmentally friendly and free of animal ingredients and animal testing. Each Keyano collection is carefully formulated using the principles of naturopathy and contains only the most powerful, finest ingredients available.

Keyano Aromatics

These products combine the concept of thalassotherapy with the age-old use of aromatherapy. Aromatic extracts from flowers, herbs, and trees work in complete harmony with the body. Long utilized as healing agents, many essential oils can be traced back thousands of years. University studies conclusively demonstrate their extraordinary healing powers in disease control and stress management.


Introducing Bodipure’s revolutionary Keratin Gloves and Socks! This exclusive, waterless all-in-one hand and foot treatment with keratin nourishes and strengthens nails.

Benefits of Keratin:

  • Reinforces the Protective Outer Layer – Keeps Skin Healthy
  • Repairs Existing Damage
  • Protects Your Healthy Skin and Guards Against Damaging Heat, Chemicals, or Friction
  • Increases Skin Elasticity
  • Increases Skin Hydration

NOTE: Not tested on animals. No paraben or mineral oil. One size fits all.